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When he begins to feel overwhelmed, he finds himself battling demons which apparently gets the better of him.Prince the promoter is wildin’ for respect and feels DJ Michelle Pooch is his only competition.The three bent running legs represent the three capes of Sicily, Peloro (Punta del Faro, Tip of Faro, Messina: North-East), Passero (Syracuse: South), and Lilibeo(Cape Boeo, Marsala: West), which also creates the three points of the triangle.The center Medusa head in the middle of the Trinacria implies the protection of the island by the goddess Athena, the patron goddess of Sicily.It looks like Trina will find herself in the middle of this divorce.Latina sensation Amara La Negra is ready to crossover into the American market.When King Frederick II found out about the young boy and his talent, he sailed to visit him.When he met him, he tested the boys abilities by throwing his possessions overboard for the boy to retrieve.

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That may be hard considering he’s definitely flirting with a stripper.

The word Trinacria means triquetra and refers to the shape of the island of Sicily (“Sicilia” in Italian), the largest island in the Mediterranean.

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