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08-Aug-2017 13:38

Liquid Studio is an advanced graphical XML editor containing all the tools needed for designing, developing and testing XML applications complying with the W3C standards.Features include an XML Editor, XML Schema Editor, XML Data Mapper, XPath and XQuery Debugger, WSDL Editor, Web Service Tools, integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and much more.For this reason it does not make sense to use both default and fixed in the same element definition, and is invalid to do so.It is possible to constrain the number of instances (cardinality) of an XML element that appear in an XML document.It is possible to create a new simple Type by restricting an existing simple Type, allowing you to define your own data types.It is possible to restrict a built in type (xs:string, xs:integer, xs:date etc) or one of your own previously defined simple Type's Examples uses: Creating you own types is covered more thoroughly in the Part 2 - Best Practices, Conventions and Recommendations.

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Earlier, when we started looking at elements, we said you could define your own types instead of using one of the standard types such as xs:string or xs:integer, and that is exactly what were now doing.The XML data constraints are called facets and include rules such as min and max length.

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