Thai women dating sites

22-Nov-2017 03:13

The best thing for me was getting back to Australia. It was time to leave the Land of Smiles and return to a normal life for a bit. I play it slow now, and the ‘delete’ button is never far away at the beginning. I’ve chatted to three other lovely Thai ladies since then, all of them through internet dating sites.

In our investigation work in south east Asia and Thailand we have come across many situations where men have sent large sums of money to girls they have met on a Thai internet dating sites.

Thai women, if you meet the right one anyway, can be gorgeous girlfriends and devoted wives, but you have to go into it all with your eyes wide open and your hand firmly on your wallet.

The best matches I’ve seen, I mean, relationships that work out, tend to be with girls who aren’t looking for a way out.

At the end of the two weeks, I was sad to have left my Thai lady, but, the doubt has just continued to grow in my mind. (I personally don’t think that that’s too much of a an age gap, but I know some who do.) I’m from Sydney, she’s from ‘wheretheheckaburi’. I just don’t know what to think about this Thai girl, she’s made me kinda crazy! ’ After a few weeks back at work, and getting on with hundrum life back home, of course the pull to return got stronger. She had medical bills to pay for (female problems, I didn’t ask). Her phone got stolen (I bought her a new one for 3000 B). She had cancer, she said, and she had to back to her village to see her, and take her money to pay for the doctor. So, I handed over a rather large sum of cash (I’m too embarrassed to reveal how much). Don’t rush into a relationship or marriage, and if something doesn’t feel ‘right’ trust your instincts.

I really want to get back to Phuket to see her again, and see if that spark was real. Needing money for this and that is a big red flag for me now, so as soon as I hear that I tend to think she’s just after one thing.

Dating site scammers especially on Thai dating sites will use every trick in the book to persuade their dating site admirer that they are in love with them, want to marry them and be with them forever.