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If the numbers alleged by the plaintiffs are correct, NFL cheerleader wages are at something close to or less than those of unskilled minimum wage workers.But advocates say cheerleading is a profession that demands specific skills and not everyone can land the job.The Raiderettes are paid a flat fee of 5 a game, which the women say is a nine-hour commitment.

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They’re required to use special stylists so their hair and appearance is up to snuff—all of which is paid out of pocket.The American Academy of Pediatrics says football cheerleading accounts for 70.8 percent of injuries to female college athletes.Cheerleaders are not the primary money-makers for the NFL, but they are an important and arguably essential part of the draw for many teams.It’s considered a sport in of itself and requires significant training that’s intensively competitive and physically demanding.

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It’s also one of the most injury prone activities in which a high school or college athlete can participate.

She spent 0 of her own money on Raiderette expenses.