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This will be done in various training centres and all accredited driving schools across the country using the new competency based curriculum,” said Mr Macharia.The new system, widely used in the West, will see each motorist’s card loaded with 20 points, which will be deducted progressively at a rate proportional to the offence committed.The 2017 Cytonn Investments Nairobi Area Metropolitan Land Report named Kilimani, Upperhill and Westlands as the most favoured locations for mixed-use developments, registering the highest capital appreciation that increased at a five-year.Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.3 per cent.Breaches like overlapping will see drivers lose a single point from their accounts over and above getting fined.A driver will have a week or so to recover this “lost” point if he or she doesn’t commit other offences.“The rise in the price of apartments compared to bungalows and maisonettes continues to signal an element of the search for affordability by potential homebuyers given the lower cost of construction per unit on the developers’ side that translates to relatively low offer prices,” said KBA director of research and policy Jared Osoro.In the past year, data available from the Nairobi County Government Buildings Approval Department indicate investors put money in highrise apartments but shunned standalone mansions that proved a hard sell due to high prices driven mainly by the cost of land in upmarket areas.

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“The new generation e-licence will be issued to all drivers starting this January in a phased programme and priority given to PSV vehicles,” said Transport secretary James Macharia. PSV drivers have been linked to most of the deadly accidents witnessed in recent months.

Any help can be channeled through Mary Waweru the treasurer,through cash app (402) 617-4471. Contact the folowing for additional questions: Francis Nyamete (chairman) (480) 797-8273, Mary Waweru (Treasurer) (402) 617-4471 or Zeituni Sisiwa (Secretary) (623)755-4931.

– A frozen replica of North Korea's long-range missile Hwasong-15 was the star of an ice sculpture festival in Pyongyang.

The wedding between Peter Kabuga and Esther Nyamwitha both from Kenya took place at St. A reception followed thereafter at Village Hotel, Brailsford, Beeston, Nottingham. The couple walking out of church where they found a large number of family and friends waiting Nairobi uses half of Kenya’s power Kenyan woman dies after hit-and-run crash in Phoenix, Arizona, USA A Kenyan woman, Sheila Jeptanui Chuchuney of Phoenix has died after she was struck in a hit-and-run crash.

Sheila was rushed to the hospital but died few minutes later.It also enables changing the municipal definition of Jerusalem, which means that sectors of the city "could be declared separate entities," a statement from parliament read.

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Ich hab dem immer geholfen, inne Schule, Geld geliehen und Alles, und wat tut der für mich? Den Krempel hier kanns de ang block in de Tonne treten, dat is alles nur Mist un Gerümpel, dat is ang block und ang detail nix wert.… continue reading »

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Bring an unlocked phone and you’ll find 4G/LTE service in much of Seminyak and elsewhere in 2018 too, via Telkomsel, XL and other carriers.… continue reading »

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