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Anecdotal reports revealed that some Filipina slaves were sold as “exotic sex objects” or prostitutes to European brothels. D., Encyclopedia of Sexuality, 2001 |~|] During World War 11 (1941-1944), the Japanese Imperial Army forced Philippine women from Manila and surrounding towns to serve as “comfort girls” (military prostitutes) to provide sexual favors to all Japanese soldiers serving in the Philippines and in the Pacific region.

When Pope Gregory XIV abolished slavery in the Philippines in 1591, middle-class Europeans started to immigrate to the archipelago, but the sexual exploitation of Filipinas by the Spanish colonists continued. In the 1990s, with international (legal) backing, these comfort girls were partially compensated for their humiliation and moral sufferings.

Their safety is secure because they work inside an establishment.

However, they cannot refuse clients who are produced by agencies and their managers. Some massage parlors are commercial fronts for prostitutes who offer their services from oral sex to regular intercourse ( to US).

These hostitutes include bar girls, nightclub hostesses (waitresses), masseuses, exotic dancers, and those that work in brothels.

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Male homosexuals and child prostitutes who created Asia’s reputation for sex tourism are concentrated in major metropolitan cities. When Chinese merchants started trading with the inhabitants of the archipelago in 960 C.

The rich are looking for entertainment and diversity of sexual practices that they would never dare to ask from their wives.

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