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02-Dec-2017 05:28

Middle row: Ahmed Noorzai, Mohammed Anwar Safi, Aftab Khan.

Bottom row: Abid Khaliq, Mohammed Atif, Najibullah Safi The next day, as police hunted for her, the girl took a bus to Manchester and drifted to the city's 'Curry Mile' in Rusholme, where she met Aftab Khan, 30, described by police as a 'nasty, exploitative individual'.

She vehemently opposed this and refused to give away even the names of her classmates. In spite of what all this might suggest, I love her. Usually you achieve nothing by finding out the details of your spouse’s sex-life before he/she met you.

Incidentally, one of her friends visited us and hinted that my wife is “not as simple as she pretends to be”. That kind of probing is guaranteed to make any relationship worse.

If that’s the case, tell them politely (not in front of your wife, of course) that if they have any questions about your wife, they can ask you, not her, and not in front of her.

After nine men were jailed over the sustained sexual abuse of their victim, Superintendent Paul Savill of Greater Manchester Police commended her bravery and said: 'This young girl has been through an absolutely horrifying ordeal.

At a very early stage I’d started suspecting that my wife had had sex before marriage.

Their parents and extended families have absolutely none.

She was removed from the school for exhibiting 'inappropriate sexualised behaviour toward male pupils', a court heard, and after she twice ran away from home her adoptive parents reluctantly agreed that she be placed in care.

The predators who were jailed: Top row, from left: Asad Hassan, Mohammed Basharat, Mohammed Khan.

You have to make it very clear to your parents and the rest of your family that you and your wife respect them and have responsibilities towards them, but your private life is yours.

And their interference in it is entirely unwelcome.

It’s she who’s moved to a new home and made a new family her own, not them.