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Unlike Trainspotting which had more narrational diversity, Porno is reduced to just five narrators: Sick Boy, Renton, Spud, Begbie and Nikki.

Another difference from the format of Trainspotting is that each character has a defined chapter heading.

Spud ends their friendship when Sick Boy tells him he was using him for the purpose of a scam, Nikki becomes disillusioned with him after realising that he really has no loving side and really is the cold-hearted, deceitful man that she tried desperately to ignore.

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One night, a DJ from his hometown (Carl Ewart from Welsh's previous novel Glue) plays at one of his clubs and recognises him.A number of characters from Glue make an appearance as well.This sequel picks up ideas of the film adaptation of Trainspotting.Sick Boy is initially reluctant to attend but changes his mind after Carl, a DJ, mentions that Renton works at a club there.

Sick Boy's "Porno" shoot becomes a slow demolition of his so-called mates.

Spud's chapters are just narrative, Begbie's are in capitals, and Nikki's are quotes from the chapter, for example "... Each narrator is associated with a distinctive prose style.