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Partial or complete deuteration of either the surface or the biomolecule enhances both level of contrast and the information content of the measurement.Deuteration of cellulose may be achieved more simply and cheaply than deuteration of most bio-macromolecules.It has been the objective of this study to prepare smooth deuterated cellulose (DC) films from deuterated bacterial cellulose (DBC) suitable for NR studies.This objective has been achieved by growing cultures of Gluconacetobacter xylinus in media containing a deuterated carbon source and DO as a solvent.Under the best conditions, NR can reveal specific important details concerning the adsorbed biomolecule morphology.NR does however suffer from two major drawbacks due to the poor information content of the measurement since it is essentially a ‘one-dimensional technique’, only probing layer thickness composition and uniformity at the Å to μm level.There are no cellulose solvents having sufficient volatility suitable for spin coating and so a number of more soluble chemical derivatives of the deuterated cellulose were prepared and these were dissolved in volatile solvents suitable for spin-coating.

Incorporation of varying degrees of deuteration into cellulose was achieved by growing Gluconacetobacter xylinus in deuterated glycerol as carbon source dissolved in growth media containing DO.

Paper has been engineered as a platform for low cost diagnostics in environmental and health applications where identification and/or quantification of specific biomolecules or chemical agents is essential.

Producing bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass requires the responsible enzyme, fungal hyphae or bacterial membranes that excrete hydrolytic enzymes that must first adsorb onto the cellulose surface and then to catalyse the appropriate reactions.

The scattering length density contrast of the deuterated cellulose enabled accurate visualization and quantification of the adsorbed HRP, which would have been impossible to achieve with non-deuterated cellulose.

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The procedure described enables preparing deuterated cellulose films that allows differentiation of cellulose and non-deuterated bio-macromolecules using NR.The derivative of deuterated cellulose was prepared by trimethylsilylation(TMS) in ionic liquid(1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride).

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