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We are interested in the number of students who will attend the festivities.

The probability that the San Jose Sharks will win any given game is 0.3694 based on a 13-year win history of 382 wins out of 1,034 games played (as of a certain date). A student takes a ten-question true-false quiz, but did not study and randomly guesses each answer.

We use the card and coin events to determine the probability for each outcome, but we use the monetary value of \(X\) to determine the expected value.

You buy a lottery ticket to a lottery that costs per ticket.

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We are interested in the number of fencers who do not use the foil as their main weapon.Recently, a nurse commented that when a patient calls the medical advice line claiming to have the flu, the chance that he or she truly has the flu (and not just a nasty cold) is only about 4%.Of the next 25 patients calling in claiming to have the flu, we are interested in how many actually have the flu.The third company, a biotech firm, has a 10% chance of returning ,000,000 profit, a 70% of no profit or loss, and a 20% chance of losing the million dollars.

Suppose that 20,000 married adults in the United States were randomly surveyed as to the number of children they have.People visiting video rental stores often rent more than one DVD at a time.