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Stations I love for relaxation are: Enya (artist) and Libera (artist)  Let it go. If not them, there are sites online of people just like us who are more than happy to lend you their support.

Go to your search engine and type pancreatitis support, you will find them there. He will give me extra hugs every day, just to make sure I know he cares.

What followed, in about two days, was the worst painful flare up yet. The less your pancreas produces, the less it digests itself. I don’t have a long winded story for you on this one, just a statement. Seriously, I don’t know how many times I’ve asked for something “Dry. Seriously, I have a medical condition, so please make sure it’s dry.” and it comes back shiny. Nothing is safe at a restaurant unless you have the ability to check their online nutrition label.

The higher fat I eat, the more frequent (with higher-level pain) my attacks are. To learn more, please read my post: Understanding Fat intake with Pancreatitis. First, I am almost guaranteed a flare up right around my period.

What works for me is:  Deep breathing like you do in yoga. I also read (on a support board, so not medically substantiated) that dehydration increases your chances of flare ups. Everyone needs to drink plenty of water anyway to stay healthy, so why not just do it. 5-SUPPORT – Everyone needs a support system of some kind. I get it; no one wants to hear our gripes about pain and not being able to eat. I know I wouldn’t want to hear someone’s whining on nearly a daily basis.

 When I’m up for it, yoga is wonderful(the relaxation kind…not the “let’s burn fat and make muscle” kind). Do it on a low-pain to pain-free day to maintain low stress. This disease is overwhelming and downright depressing at times. But here’s the thing, if I loved that person, I would.

Carrie Hope Weinstein received her bachelor of arts degree from The University of California at San Diego in 1996.

She then attended The George Washington University School of Law and earned her juris doctorate in 1999. Weinstein worked as a program coordinator at The Fund for Animals in Maryland until the end of 2000, at which point she returned to her home state of California and began practicing law in the fields of medical malpractice and elder abuse. Weinstein has been a medical malpractice defense attorney in Southern California since that time and began her employment at Carroll, Kelly, Trotter, Franzen, Mc Bride & Peabody in May of 2007.

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I apologized for crying all the time and let him know I didn’t want to burden him or get on his nerves. The fact that I am suffering could never get on his nerves and he would never want me to go through this alone.Alcohol is bad for the pancreas in all pancreatitis sufferers, whether your condition is due to alcohol or not. But, when it’s summer, I love nothing more than having a beer or two with my husband as we enjoy the crisp night air.I had one run in with alcohol and it will be my last. It was our city’s summer festival, and I was finally feeling good again.3- STRESS – This one’s from message boards and my own experience. God (and my husband) knows that when that time comes, I cannot handle anything. Now, not only am I extremely irritable, I get to be irritable while on the couch, usually killing a sick-day at work, in pain.

My stress goes up and I pretty much can’t stand anything. My thought on the stress factor was confirmed by my second reason: the day I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).At this point, I didn’t have the “chronic” diagnosis, so I decided to test the waters…or should I say the liquids. 2- LOW FAT- Your pancreas creates enzymes to digest fat.