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31-Oct-2017 03:53

Kind of like Google Apps only stupidly easy to use.

It lets you send emails, access calendars and even create Google sites.

Whether it's testing process changes, or multivariate testing using Google Website Optimizer it's important to keep testing things.

Karl from Conversion Rate Experts gave a fantastic presentation in Munich at A4uexpo where he really demonstrated why testing radical changes is much better than changing little changes.

Rand recently talked about how twitters of a URL may help them rank for QDF-style queries.

Certainly QDF is one area of SEO that a lot of people overlook. If your join date is 2 years ago or your last login date was over a month ago then chances are you're not interested. I also think that some of the ranking algorithms at sites like OKCupid favour fresh profiles over stale ones. Is your content team set up to publish content fast?!

The amount of data you can gather from a simple digg profile is terrifying.

Within a few minutes we had his real name, family members, wife's name, address and phone number.

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Include references to specifics from their profile and get their name right! Did you see recently that you can now run scripts from within Google Products?I reference it all the time when talking to clients.

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