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E-services offers a convenient and secure way to pay your rent online using a debit card: Pay your housing rent online Simple to set up.A regular payment can be sent by your bank to your rent account. The Income team or your Neighbourhood Officer will explain how to set up a standing order, provide you the relevant forms and help you fill them in.You can now pay by direct debit any date of the month between the 1st and 28th.You can also pay weekly or fortnightly on a Friday.South Tyneside is located between Newcastle and Sunderland on the North East coast and is 12 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne.Please note: Antenatal assessment services at the Trust are not affected by the recent decisions taken around the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and deliveries.Your payment comes automatically from your bank account.

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For customers who are employees of South Tyneside Council or whose pension is paid by the Council, simply give us a call and provide your payroll number to request this service.

This is an automated service available 24 hours a day.

You may also call our Housing Services Centre on 03 during normal office hours.

This leaflet will be given to you at your booking appointment and can be accessed in different languages at the address below.

Screening Tests Leaflet - different langauges The department is open Monday to Friday from 08.30hrs to 17.00hrs.The last appointment is at 16.00hrs to allow time for a full assessment of a woman’s care needs.

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