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28-Jul-2017 21:41

The court heard the boy – who cannot be named – had been targeted after he dated a 16-year old girl from the Pakistani community in Blackburn.

The pair would secretly meet once a week and communicated mostly by mobile phone.

"She was trying her best in the hotel room, but she had to drive from there every day back to Tallaght, where DJ is in school, and wash and feed Carter in her mother's house. Margaret said Danielle became very down and was seeking help for her anxiety for a time. "Danielle was paying off furniture and beds and things.

Now we have had to tell the shop she's dead," she added.

But on March 7 last year their forbidden romance was exposed when they were spotted together by the girl’s uncle Ghazanfar Mirza as he drove past.

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Nicholas Flanagan prosecuting said: ‘At this point the boy didn’t consider Ghanzafar to be aggressive and he seemed friendly so he got in the car.The Bengali 16-year-old, who has not been named, was taken prisoner by a group of Pakistani men and escorted to a cul-de-sac.There, he was repeatedly kicked about the head, battered with weapons and told: ‘Don’t mess with our blood – find someone your own kind’, it was heard."It was a boarded-up house and Danielle knew the previous tenant in it had taken her own life in the house," she said.

"She was that desperate to have somewhere to live that she accepted it and was finally looking forward to moving in - only for her hopes to be dashed," Margaret said at her home in Tallaght.He was left with a scar to his head and is now too scared to leave home by himself.