Dating a divorced father

16-Sep-2017 13:16

We were lucky in that Indhira had been given the largest divorce settlement which she invested in one of the larger houses in the neighborhood. It had a great swimming pool, a hot tub and sauna, a basketball court, and even a huge patio area, virtually an outdoor kitchen.

The moms were a pretty attractive group in their own right.

All of us sons retained our infatuations with our respective mom choices.

We had girls at school, of course, and engaged in casual dating but none of us four had long term girlfriends.

So enter the wives and children of the players and even non playing employees. Fortunately for the Four, the wives hit it off and their families would generally sit together at the barbeques.

Every weekend, the wives, especially of the four, would prepare salads and pot luck menu items such as casseroles and pasta dishes. Even their kids, each of the Four had one son apiece all the same age, got along well together. The next step in their group bromance was to take their vacations together.

Here’s a shining example, cribbed from a longer article in Parenting (via CNN), titled, “The New Playdate Playbook.” It’s a Dear Abby-like list of Q&A’s for parents totally stressed out by the enormous difficulty of planning, running, overseeing, perfecting and interrupting their kids’ playdates.

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