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We have met at her home, a sprawling ranch outside Nashville where she lives with her two adopted sons, aged seven and four.It is a cold day but the sun slants in through the heavy red curtains to the dark wood-panelled recording studio where Crow is sitting on a sofa, a tiny figure in a pretty polka-dot Ralph Lauren dress and battered brown leather jacket.In these photos, Bramhall’s hair seems more “tamed” than we’ve seen before. Not really my type, but he seems low-key and like he’s a good fit for Renee.It’s also worth noting than after everyone focused on her weird face-work in 2013/14, whatever she had done seems to have “settled” a lot this year. “There are always going to be people that love me and people that hate me,” she shrugs.“Sometimes people have a preconceived notion of you as lightweight and you can never shake it.Friendly, easy-going company, she says it was her illness that prompted her recent shift into country music.

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“So I’m keeping the relationship friend-based when we’re around the kids.Renee and Doyle were photographed arriving at LAX this week, apparently coming home after a lengthy film shoot in London.